Company Profile

Hong Kong Tai Sheng International Ltd. , in September 2002 Incorporated ,Tai Sheng International is a diversified investment company specialized in IT sector. Current investment of the company is focused on such fields as R&D, production management, sales, mobile value added services etc. of mobile communication products, with the aim of becoming the leader in mobile communication sector. Powered by its innovative and market-oriented solution development team, superior service quality of its technical support and marketing team, the management of Tai Sheng International, which comprises of professional and experienced telecommunication experts in Hong Kong and mainland China, has enabled Tai Sheng International to become a renowned industrial flagship in just a few years for mobile communication solution development, marketing and telecommunication brand promotion management. Energetic and well-prepared for action, Tai Sheng International is now speeding up its pace towards mobile communication sector, continuously expanding its development space and sprinting towards the peak of mobile communication industry.

Our R&D :We have our own experienced researchful staff in mobile phone's mechanical design, image design and the tentative design which is for the hardware and the software of the mainboard. Our factory has 4 plants, these are SMT plant, LCD plant, Assembling and Packing plant ,Office and Warehouse. The brand of our own motherboard is NXP and we also cooperate with other platforms such as Freescale, TI, MTK, Infineon and so on.

Our Antenna Factory: We have our own professional communication antenna factory , antenna products include 433MHz,GSM,CDMA,WCDMA,GPS,RFID,DVB-T,2.4GHz,3.5GHz,5.8GHz and WLAN broadband, frequence range communication antennas, repeater station antennas, indoor coverage antennas, wireless public telephone antennas and passive components such as splitter, coupler, ete Technology support; All of the antenna products from wellhope are designed and developed by our engineers with top-notch design tools. Our engineers use the most advanced microwave structure analytical software network analyzer to design and produce our antennas

Our Battery Factory: We have our own battery Factory ,the products includes square Li-ion battery, Column Li-ion battery, dynamic battery and so .They are widely used for various digital products and power-driven products, such as portable DVDs, portable computers, mobile phones, blue-tooth devices, MP3/MP4 players, PDAs, battery-operated bicycles, etc.

Our Belief: Only innovation and credibility is the foundation and root for us to exist forever. Strive on for innovative new products to support continue development of the company and always serve our customers with credibility and enthusiasm.

Our Confidence: An outstanding R&D team and a strong software/hardware R&D platform is the motivity for the company, also where our confidence lies on for moving upward.

Our Reliability: Reliability form consumers, and reliability from our business partner is vital for us to exist. To value their reliability, to be a responsible enterprise, and acts always as a reliable enterprise.

Welcome you to visit our office and factory, and please do feel free to contact us.